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Mycelium Matter

Elise Elsacker (HBBE)

Elise Elsacker is a postdoctoral researche associate at HBBE, Newcastle University (UK) working on Living Mycelium Materials. Her PhD in Engineering at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium) intertwined with various fields such as biology, mycology, materials sciences and design. A particular achievement of her dissertation, entitled Mycelium Matters, is that it is one of the first to characterize all principal factors affecting the biological and material properties of mycelium composites. She also broadened the potential of biological architectural applications with novel robotic tools such as 3D-printing and robotic wire-cutting.

Elise co-founded and is co-director of the company, a leading bio-innovation agency in Belgium, which focusses on helping companies, entrepreneurs, researchers, and governments to act now: from idea to market, and from plan to impact.

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