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Radical Craft: Toward Structural Innovation in Myco-Structures

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Jonathan Dessi-Olive (Kansas State University/ MYCO MATTERS Lab)

Jonathan Dessi-Olive is a researcher, designer, and educator. Presently he is an Assistant Professor in Department of Architecture at Kansas State University, where he teaches architecture design studios, structures, and construction seminars. He is also the director of the MYCO MATTERS Lab. Jonathan’s research takes a critical approach to technology while integrating the history and theory of architecture, contemporary craft and construction, and computational design. His design and construction research has been exhibited in public venues the Venice Biennale, the International Association of Shell and Space Structures, and TEDxPenn.

Project Description

Mycelium-materials have been commercialized and in recent years several large-scale pavilions have been grown. Among these mycelium structures which use the material as load-bearing, brick or block-based structures are most common. Innovation with this material is possible and to this end, the central charge of this talk is focused on design and fabrication tactics for using mycelium-composite materials. In addition to demonstrations of “myco-welding”, a technique already widely used, this talk will share recent prototype structures that use techniques such as monolithic mycelium, natural woven formworks, gravity-formed myco-sheets, and augmented reality-assisted forming.

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